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Kill and you become a man!

What do we know about Denmark? It’s a Kingdom, the Faeroe islands and Greenland belong to it and together they have around 6 million citizens. I was also recently informed  that Danish students receive approximately 700 Euro each month to finance their studying and life and are not obliged to pay this back.

Danish people seem very happy and the reason I was provided with is, that they know, they can rely on their government. To quote somebody: ‘Marriages can break, but we can always trust in our government.’ I doubt that any German or other nation would say something similar this easily.

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Do you want to be global?

Earlier this year I flew to Paris. A German, sitting in a French airplane, probably manufactured by entrepreneurs all over the world, while eating American Oreo cookies.

I have to admit; I went to Starbucks for coffee and ate lunch at an Indian restaurant and at the same time I was surrounded by the beauty of French architecture … Thanks to globalization I had the chance to enjoy all these things at the same time.Globalization

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