Is education worth it?

Shanghai Ranking

The Economist


Die Zeit

Budget Spending

Premature Praise?

Nobel Prize

Peace Prize Laureats

Karl-Erik Norrman

Alfred Nobel


It’s a Holocaust on Children!

All Natural


Health NYTimes


Drug Warning


 Don’t be fertile, be economical!

The Economist

German fertility rate



Do you want to be global?

NY Times about the Iron Curtain

The Economist about terrorism



Man’s Mind

What’s on a man’s mind?

Psychological Theory



 A drive through Hell




Kill and you become a man!

Ashant’s Blog


Wikipedia about Denmark


I can see Russia from my window

LA Times list of top admired women

Wikipedia sarah Palin’s life

On the Issues Palin’s point of view to different political issues

Wahington Post Palin about  Climate Conference in Copenhagen

The Economist about Sarah Palin 

 Swamp Politics Palin about health reform

Politics Daily



Everybody needs to pay its liabilities, even the US.

Debt numbers

How much does the US owe?

China’s investment


Tiananmen Square

BpB about China


Have a Drink on me

Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung: Indien

USGS science for a changing world

Reuters water the new oil

Uswitch average water usage


Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Weighing the facts

Side effects


Fly high, without limits


Facts about Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks


2 responses to “References

  1. Great – you already used the “more” tag to make a long article appear shorter on the page. I like the title of your blog, too – and the graphic has got a link as it should. However, it’s a German graphic and in the caption you could explain what it actually shows. Same thing with the movie, which appears a little unmotivated without explanation. Keep going!

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