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Aryan times are over!

Not thinking about anything in particular, I was going to scan the daily news when I discovered an article about one of my dearest friends: Geert Wilders. Thinking that this guy couldn’t shock me anymore, I had to discover today, yes HE can! Continue reading


Drop-dead Gorgeous

Berlin’s fashion week is calling. Many designers present their collection ones a year on Berlin’s catwalks. Across the Humboldt University, in the middle of the Opera Palais you will find the big tent, where stars and VIPs like to examine the newest trend.

 Through a friend I was able to go to one of these shows. Even though the atmosphere is incredible and I was excited to see the show, I left in disgust: How can anybody enjoy a fashion show when skeletons present clothes?

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Have a Drink on me!

‘Do you want a glass of water?’ Usually we offer our guests something to drink, when they come. Might it be water, tea, coffee or even lemonade, it’s all based on one source: water. I realized that I hardly ever waste a thought on water, as long as it comes clear out of the pipes, there is nothing to worry about. Also Germany has one of the best water-clearing systems; even our toilet water is drinkable. I assume it’s not only me, who often forgets that water is, as a matter of fact, a scarce resource and will replace the importance of oil in the near future. Continue reading

“I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.” Geert Wilders

My Pet Peeve is about a European politician, who claims ‘to hate the Islam’ and calls the Koran a ‘fascist book’, which should be outlawed in the Netherlands, like Adolf Hitler’s  Mein Kampf.

According to him “The book incites hatred and killing and therefore has no place in our legal order.” He calls the prophet Mohammed ‘devil’ who would have been hunted down as a terrorist these days. Also he would like to introduce a €1000 a year ($1500) excise tax on headscarf wearing. Continue reading

Man’s Mind

According to my German teacher from 10th grade, you can explain and analyze everything with the help of Sigmund Freud’s theories. So to vindicate my following complain I take good, dear, old Freud as a helper.

Men can’t show emotions and stand up to them and women still believe in fairy tales and Mr. Right! Continue reading

Do you want to be global?

Earlier this year I flew to Paris. A German, sitting in a French airplane, probably manufactured by entrepreneurs all over the world, while eating American Oreo cookies.

I have to admit; I went to Starbucks for coffee and ate lunch at an Indian restaurant and at the same time I was surrounded by the beauty of French architecture … Thanks to globalization I had the chance to enjoy all these things at the same time.Globalization

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Don’t be fertile, be economical!

SayNo-BabiesSomehow there is a lot to complain about these days: it starts with the German weather and ends with Americans who don’t appreciate a health reform. In between there is the poverty in India and the exploitation of children as labor force, the phony afghan election and French politician who travel to Thailand to buy sex etc.

It’s really tough and all these topics arouse my curiosity and make me mad at a certain point, but my favorite one is the anxiety of western governments to die out.

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