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Drop-dead Gorgeous

Berlin’s fashion week is calling. Many designers present their collection ones a year on Berlin’s catwalks. Across the Humboldt University, in the middle of the Opera Palais you will find the big tent, where stars and VIPs like to examine the newest trend.

 Through a friend I was able to go to one of these shows. Even though the atmosphere is incredible and I was excited to see the show, I left in disgust: How can anybody enjoy a fashion show when skeletons present clothes?

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“It’s a Holocaust on Children!”

Hyperactive?Saturday the Scientology church had its open-day. Curious, how I am, I went inside and got introduced to the history, main principle ( Dianetics) and they explained me, what Scientology stands for, supports and opposes.  All in all, it made a lot of sense what my tour guide said and he had this very convincing attitude most devotees probably have.

Suddenly he talked about hyperactive children, how the church fights ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder) medication and said: ‘It’s a Holocaust on children, to give them these drugs and calm them down.’

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