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Aryan times are over!

Not thinking about anything in particular, I was going to scan the daily news when I discovered an article about one of my dearest friends: Geert Wilders. Thinking that this guy couldn’t shock me anymore, I had to discover today, yes HE can! Continue reading

Kill and you become a man!

What do we know about Denmark? It’s a Kingdom, the Faeroe islands and Greenland belong to it and together they have around 6 million citizens. I was also recently informed  that Danish students receive approximately 700 Euro each month to finance their studying and life and are not obliged to pay this back.

Danish people seem very happy and the reason I was provided with is, that they know, they can rely on their government. To quote somebody: ‘Marriages can break, but we can always trust in our government.’ I doubt that any German or other nation would say something similar this easily.

So how come I pet peeve again? Continue reading

A Drive through Hell

Yesterday night, Berlin called to one of its spontaneous group events. Thousand of young people came together on one of Berlin’s many metro station to party together. The mission: Ride the metro around Berlin, party and have a good time.

At 10 pm the station was packed, and everybody was anxious not to miss the start and get in the train. But what followed wasn’t fun at all.  The organizer missed out to calculate the alcohol factor: Too many young people, drank to much and when the  starting signal stayed out, many went crazy, stopped the trains, painted them, jumped and walked on them or just destroyed the windows. It was outrageous. The good atmosphere and vibe that circulated, was replaced by violence and uncontrollable vandalism.          Continue reading

“I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.” Geert Wilders

My Pet Peeve is about a European politician, who claims ‘to hate the Islam’ and calls the Koran a ‘fascist book’, which should be outlawed in the Netherlands, like Adolf Hitler’s  Mein Kampf.

According to him “The book incites hatred and killing and therefore has no place in our legal order.” He calls the prophet Mohammed ‘devil’ who would have been hunted down as a terrorist these days. Also he would like to introduce a €1000 a year ($1500) excise tax on headscarf wearing. Continue reading