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Fly high, without limits!

Right now I’m studying for my exams. The countdown has started and there are just three more weeks to go. I’m almost done with my presentations, have two more papers to write and ‘just’ four exams. Through work and other obligations I have to prepare myself for these tests: sleep is secondary, I can’t afford it.

Luckily there are energy drinks. Coffee doesn’t do its job anymore and coke has no impact on my performance at all. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Angel, Schwarze Dose ( a German product which was just launched) conquered the market in the last years and give me and many other consumers the impression to increase their efficiency.  Continue reading

A Drive through Hell

Yesterday night, Berlin called to one of its spontaneous group events. Thousand of young people came together on one of Berlin’s many metro station to party together. The mission: Ride the metro around Berlin, party and have a good time.

At 10 pm the station was packed, and everybody was anxious not to miss the start and get in the train. But what followed wasn’t fun at all.  The organizer missed out to calculate the alcohol factor: Too many young people, drank to much and when the  starting signal stayed out, many went crazy, stopped the trains, painted them, jumped and walked on them or just destroyed the windows. It was outrageous. The good atmosphere and vibe that circulated, was replaced by violence and uncontrollable vandalism.          Continue reading

“It’s a Holocaust on Children!”

Hyperactive?Saturday the Scientology church had its open-day. Curious, how I am, I went inside and got introduced to the history, main principle ( Dianetics) and they explained me, what Scientology stands for, supports and opposes.  All in all, it made a lot of sense what my tour guide said and he had this very convincing attitude most devotees probably have.

Suddenly he talked about hyperactive children, how the church fights ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder) medication and said: ‘It’s a Holocaust on children, to give them these drugs and calm them down.’

Continue reading