As every good German, there is one thing I am talented in: pet peeving.

We can complain, allright. The French “rale”, and we complain. It’s indoctrinated in our DNA.

So almost 7 years ago I pet peeved about politics. Quite ironic to see that my last post was about Geert Wilders and this year Europe was frightened he might really make the Netherlands second and the EU last.

But life evolves, so the topics to pet peeve about. Enjoy reading and leave me a comment.



2 responses to “About

  1. Good – you already made the effort to say something about this blog! It might be interesting to know why you chose this topic for your posts, some background on yourself etc.

  2. Man…. This blog is cool and I am impressed how interested you are in this topic. I like that you write in your point of view and not just fact after fact.
    You write what you think and that makes it possible to follow along with your articles.

    Usually it is hard for me to keep reading something that you are not totally into but hey guess what. You do a great job with that.

    Keep going!

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