Aryan times are over!

Not thinking about anything in particular, I was going to scan the daily news when I discovered an article about one of my dearest friends: Geert Wilders. Thinking that this guy couldn’t shock me anymore, I had to discover today, yes HE can!
Wilders is famous for his anti-islam movement, condemning  the koran as well as all muslims as terrorists. According to him the western world has to free itself from the islamic terror, therefore he has founded his Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance. A platform which is hopefully never reaching the wished potential. 

Now Wilders is visiting Berlin, before he has to explain himself in front of a Dutch court . He puts himself on the same level as  Ronald Reagan and plans to hold his speech in front of the Brandenburger Gate, where the Berlin Wall used to divide its city into east and west. Wilders also wants to tear down the walls: ‘The mental wall of denial of the life threatening danger  depicted by the Islam.’

 As for him Germany seems to be an easy victim. In recent month Thilo Sarrazin, a  former member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) incites the German citizens to stop the islamic flood.

 It is not Wilders’ audacity to put himself equal with one of the greatest presidents of US times… it is more the fact that Germany is celebrating its 20th anniversary of  reunification this weekend.

 After the Second World War Germany, and with it Berlin as ist capital, was split into the east and the west zone; the damage caused by this separation is beyond  tangible assets. The Second World War is one of Germany’s worst historic memories, determined by an anti-jew policy and the annihilation of millions of people, because they belonged to a certain ‘race’ or better said religion. 

That Wilders claims himself the right to use this date of reunification, which also means that the destruction of the Third Reich terror regime is definitely put to an end, to incite the crowd to fight against Islamization is outrageous, hideous and disgusts me.

Many people think the Romans are the Jews of our times. I’m not quite sure if muslims do not suffer the same destiny. I wonder how people can stereotype and condemn one religious group, nationality or a certain way of life. Do not we all  claim the right to be treated equal? Apparently some people are more equal than others. Go home Mr. Wilders and pollute others with your wrong ideology, but don’t use our cheerful holiday to propagate!


4 responses to “Aryan times are over!

  1. ugh! I hate these self-righteous assholes who live to only broker hate. We have to believe the sane will overcome…there’s more of us…right?

    • Hope dies at least but Europe’s history just demonstrates how gullible people are and that it is always so much more convenient to blame others than ask yourself why you don’t have work. He plays with stereotypes and wants European to believe that the quality of life would dramatically increase without Muslims. It’s shameful.

  2. I am not quite sure that Geert developed his argument fully on why he wants to stop people from converting to Islam.


    • Well I guess he fully developped a concecpt on how to manipulate voters and get as much votes as possible. He succeeded. His party was the strongest during the European Parliament Election and he is also in the Dutch Parliament as fas as I know.

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