Fly high, without limits!

Right now I’m studying for my exams. The countdown has started and there are just three more weeks to go. I’m almost done with my presentations, have two more papers to write and ‘just’ four exams. Through work and other obligations I have to prepare myself for these tests: sleep is secondary, I can’t afford it.

Luckily there are energy drinks. Coffee doesn’t do its job anymore and coke has no impact on my performance at all. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Angel, Schwarze Dose ( a German product which was just launched) conquered the market in the last years and give me and many other consumers the impression to increase their efficiency. 

The Austrian Red Bull makes 2.6 billion Euros a year on revenues. But what is the secret of this power booster?

Of course caffeine is one ingredient and 80 milligram of it can be found in one can. This is as much as two cups of coffee. In combination with sugar it stimulates your brain activity for a short period, but not in the long-run. Therefore other contents have to enrich these drinks and take care of the promised energy.

Potential stimulators in low concentration together with taurine ( taurus’ gale)  enhance the liquid. What most people don’t know, power  drinks don’t make you overcome your own capacity borders, they actually damage your health sustainably. Headaches and rapid heartbeat are some side effects. Your stomach mucosa is damged severly as well and if this doesn’t stop you from consuming them, maybe the calories amount does.

Also every drug test will have a positive result. Especially dangerous is the combination with alcohol. Since alcohol makes you dull, it works the opposite way as energy drinks and the chemical reactions in your body are very perilous.

The European Union doesn’t even guarantee that the ingredient taurine is not critical. The risk can be reduced by decreasing the percentage of it. 300 milligram per liter. Most times 4000 milligram can be found which is 13 times the declared standard.

To sum it up, my performance won’t accelerate sky high through the consumption of energy drinks or better legal drugs. Not just my budget opposes them, but also my body. In times of exam preparation, or stress the only sufficient remedy to guarantee a long-lasting accomplishment is sleep.

Yes, it might cost us time and we won’t get work down, but to be honest, when I sit over a book at 1 am and try to remember vocabulary or write summaries, I can be sure that I won’t remember anything later during the day.

On that note: Good night!

6 responses to “Fly high, without limits!

  1. Wow, you clearly have time to find stuff out about energy drinks at 1 am 😀

    Nonetheless, i totally agree with you.
    For me, Energy Drinks don’t even have the effect a cup of coffe in the afternoon has on me! But i do drink them once in a while – i have to admit, that i like the taste of Red Bull ;).

    Good Luck with your exams!

  2. I used to drink tea and mountain dew in college and avg about 3 hours sleep a night. After about two years of that, my body could not do it. I had to cut back on the caffeine and get at least 5 hours of sleep a night.

    • Oh my gosh, that sounds unhealthy. I did one week of three hours and eventually I couldn’t do it anymore. My caffeine consumption increased tremendously, my stomach revolted and my head felt so heavy. I just decided for myself that I will try my best and that I don’t want to hurt myself. I share the point of you, that we should be content with what we are and can do and accept our limits.

  3. I am also totally against energy drinks. If you are feeling tired – sleep! And if you have to stay up to 3 in the night to study, then maybe you should learn to organise your time better.

    Sure energy drinks can taste good, and maybe they can give you an extra short-term shot of energy, but all the negative sides that you just mentioned cannot be worth it.

    I always get a headacke from red bull anyway.

  4. I recommend short energy naps. These are proven to be more effective than chemical stimulants becasue the efficiency you gain outweighs the time you lose without sleep deprivation. To make the waking-up experience rewarding (and quick), have a piece of dark chocolate. I recommend MOSER-ROTH 70% Cacao — it is THE best (I get it from my very charming friend from Germany.)

    • @ Janni: I liked the remark about time management. It’s definitely a major concern and something we all have to learn: to set our priorities and don’t get distracted but do things efficiently.
      On the other hand I consider pressure and ambition another part of the whole staying awake issue. I guess at some point we have to accept that we just can’t do more.
      @W.C. Swinger: Since I live in Germany I will get this special chocolate immediately.

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