Drop-dead Gorgeous

Berlin’s fashion week is calling. Many designers present their collection ones a year on Berlin’s catwalks. Across the Humboldt University, in the middle of the Opera Palais you will find the big tent, where stars and VIPs like to examine the newest trend.

 Through a friend I was able to go to one of these shows. Even though the atmosphere is incredible and I was excited to see the show, I left in disgust: How can anybody enjoy a fashion show when skeletons present clothes?

These ‘beautiful’ girls, 1.80meters tall, long hair and scaled-down, couldn’t even walk anymore. Since there were no leg muscles left, they stumbled over the stage, eager to keep their balance. The cleavage was pushed out to keep the dresses up, maybe they pint them to their bones, who knows. It was repulsive and I felt more than sorry with these girls. Is it just me or is it really this disgusting to see shoulder blades sticking out under shirts?

What bothers me most is the fact that so many girls all over the world strive to become a model and take these body fragments as a role model. So many girls starve themselves to resemble these so called ‘gorgeous’ girls. Being anorexic is not stunning at all but sick.

Anorexia is the psychiatric disorder with the highest mortality rate, due to starving, side effects or suicide which is at 22,1% risk. Of all people diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, 20% die in the first 10 years. This disease has an impact of the way of thinking: people who suffer under it, aren’t able to think rationally anymore and lack concentration. Also their thoughts are occupied with food, eating and exercises. Physically, fatigue, hypotension, fine hair growth one the body or loss of hair, brittle nails and fragile bones due to low calcium are some side effects. To be added are liver or kidney failure. These are just some effects and there are many more.

 What kind of society are we, that we have such a twisted beau ideal? How superficial are we, that weight and size 0-2 becomes so important, that the values and beauty of the inside don’t count anymore? How many people turn away when somebody is obese or don’t want to have a partner who is some pounds to heavy?

 On the other hand I wonder how you get there? Is it a low self-esteem? A bad childhood? Friends? Teasing? What drives you to the edge or better to starvation? This is not a call to become overweight, since this has many side-effects as well, but to eat right and not to bother too much about 2 pounds or kilos on your hips.


10 responses to “Drop-dead Gorgeous

  1. I totally agree with you. Some year ago these fake beauty ideals where wildly discussed in the media and many luxury brands claimed that they now would start hiring models with flesh on their bones and keep an eye on them so that they don’t become anorexic. What happened to that? It was never put into action and the companies where satisfied that they had gotten so much public attention and many thumbs up from the media. And now, does anybody write about how they always lie? And how the models just become skinnier and skinnier, instead of more normal? Its a paradox: instead of making clothes that fit the average body-size of an average woman, they make them smaller and smaller. Then they say they can’t hire models because the fashion is designed for thin women. Then the average woman starves herself and becomes the average model-sized-woman but leaves the normal weight behind her. What is wrong with this fashion industry……

    • You’re absolutely right. What happened to all these good intentions to show ‘normal’ girls on the catwalks? I don’t want to see scarecrows. Brigitte a German magazine refuses to show models anymore, instead they show people like you and me wearing size 40 or 36. We shouldn’t forget that anorexia is an illness and nothing we should admire.

  2. Being that skinny is not good for their health.

  3. Reasons and circumstances that cause anoraxia are always different. I have a friend of mine who suffered from this disease (but luckely overcame it!) and she did not starve for becoming a skeleton.

    But of course I do agree with you! Especially young girls are affected by this phenomena due to media influences such as we can observe in fashion magazines: All these beatiful skinny and long-legged super models!
    From my point of view they seriously have problems with accepting their bodies as they are created by nature. This is a clear lack of self-confidence…

    I once raed an article about those skinny models and as a matter of fact the competition is hard. Therefor the skinniest girl wins and those who are “too big” (I doubt whether this ever applies to any model at all!) are out. I often ask myself how this could be motivating or even fun if you have to run those risks only for being “letter-perfect.” Don’t these girls estimate the value of their own bodies?

    However, anoraxia is also common among young man. But there are less people who talk about that as this disease is generally regarded to be „typically female.“

    • You have a point there: this illness is caused by different circumstances and you’re probably right when you assume that the concerned ones don’t have a high self-esteem. It’s nothing they can be blamed for.
      I read that more and more men suffer under it as well. Since I was on a fashion show where there were just female models I decided to limit my post to female models or women in general. But we definitely shouldn’t forget that nobody is immun against it and that men suffer under it as well.
      Thanks for sharing your point of view.

  4. This is very powerfull. The video really impressed me, and I am choked every time I see such pictures. You describe it very well.
    I also always feel so bad for these girls, and just feel like smacking them (if it wont make them fall over) and force feed them chocolate or something. But of cause I know unfortuneately it is not that simple..
    I would always find a size 42 woman prettier and healthier than any of these skinny models. It certainly makes me feel very satisfied with my average – plus 5 kilo body.

    • You made me laugh. I was also wondering why you just don’t force them to eat, but then the concerned ones would develop bulimia and hate themselves even more. I think Jenny is right when she assumes that the fashion industry makes the sizes smaller. When you look at women waering size 40 or 42, they look perfectly fine and these curves are prettier than bones sticking out ( still get goosebumps). The issue is that we want to be the norm or definitely not below the norm. Now the fashion industry, or stars or whomever tell us, size 36 or 34 is the NORM. NO it’s not if these two sizes shrink by a 1cm (.5inch) every year. You’re a great example when you say, it’s better to have a little bit too much then being too skinny. And to be honest, eating absorbent cotton drained in orange juice doesn’t sound appealing to me.

  5. The worse thing about this whole issue is that most in the fashion industry don’t view it as a problem. The designers want the models to become thinner and thinner, so they don’t take any attention away from the clothes. They are literally walking hangers. The worst part is taht when teh issue was adressed the, CFDA did not take any concrete actions to battle this problem. The chair, a notable fasjion designer, Diane van Furstenburg said that this is not a big issue and that the girls do not starve themselves, and the ones that are suspected of doing so will not be chosen for runway shows. Yeah right…
    Although we have seen tiny improvement such as the Dive commercials or some bigger models, such as Lara Stone (although she is still really thin), it seems that this terrible and vicious trend is here to stay 😦

  6. Wow what a video! It is simply unbelievable that anyone would go as far as starving oneself to death.
    I agree that the fashion industy is acting absolutely irresponsible. Especially young girls whose bodies are developping tend to look for model role-models and feel uncomfortable seeing that there bodies are becoming curvy.

    I like that you share some personal experience with us. This makes your blog even more interesting to read. Keep it up!

  7. I couldn’t agree with this more! The pendulum of prevailing thought as to the attractiveness of the female human form has perhaps swung as far to the ematiated side as possible. Too many young women are deluded into believing that thin is in to the point that they jepordize their health, even to expiration. I pray that your thesis is distributed widely to get this lifestyle choice educated.

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