‘I can see Russia from my window.’

It’s such a hate-love. This politician had aroused many emotions in me; finally I was thankful for her inability. I consider her one of Barack Obama’s greatest supporters: Sarah Palin!

Even though Mc Cain wasn’t my favorite, I find him rather appealing than George W. Bush and his political consensus ok. I don’t know what he was thinking when he nominated Palin as his vice president candidate but it couldn’t be much.

So why did I come up with a politician, living far off in Alaska? In July 2009 Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska, 18 month before her term was over. She argued that both she and the state have expended an “insane” amount of time and money to discuss “frivolous” ethics complaints filed against her. Since then, rumors aroused, that Palin might seek to run for president 2012 and she was even elected one of the most admired women, after Hilary Clinton.

 While I was living in the US and following the primaries 2008 I got familiar with her political style, her point of views and consider her rather dangerous due to lacking knowledge.

 Palin has five children; the smallest suffers under Down syndrome, which is ‘a gift of God’ and her 18-year-old daughter has already a child. Nevertheless she uses her daughter ‘as a teaching tool for others’ and is pro-life and against abortion, even if her own daughter were raped. Maybe she shouldn’t have opposed sexual education, but explain the facts of life to her 17 year old back then.

Based on her religious point of view she condemns same-sex marriage and denies benefits to homosexual couples. She would also like creationism to be taught in school, since evolution is just based on theories. Luckily God isn’t.

Also called the barracuda, she owns a gun, likes to hunt and wants the death penalty law for the entire US: ’I’m one of those bitter people clinging to guns & religion.’

She stands for oil drilling even in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). According to her climate change is not caused by man and the polar bear shouldn’t be considered an endangered species by virtue of climate change, since there are still enough of them. Her prediction is that the climate conference in Copenhagen will worsen the US economy, cause jobs and drive energy costs.

But honestly what do I expect from somebody, who participated in beauty contests, obtained her first passport in 2007 and left the US for the first time then, governed Alaska, which is the largest US state, with one of the lowest population densities, didn’t know the name of foreign politicians when she was running for vice-president and didn’t even know its purpose!?!

“As for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day,” she told CNBC. “I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration.”

 But one of her worst statements is about the US health care reform which she deems ‘downright evil’. (What is it with Republicans and the word ‘evil’?)

‘The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care, such a system is downright evil.’  This comment was rewarded with the ‘lie of the year’, since the Obama administration never supported euthanasia.

All these statements show how uninformed she is, how she takes phrases out their contexts and misinterprets them. Even though the regards the US as ‘beacon of light for the world’, I honestly hope that Americans aren’t to insensible to her real political vision full of restriction for citizens, who live against the norm (i.e. against church) and her lack of looking over the rim of the tea cup or the edge of the US.

So the fact that she can spot Russia from her kitchen window doesn’t automatically mean she has an intellectual horizon. This should be kept in mind, when it eventually comes to voting for her.


5 responses to “‘I can see Russia from my window.’

  1. I love your thoughts and insights Anna, I don’t necessarily agree, but you are thoughtful and write very well. I enjoyed this.

    • thank you, please let me know which points you don’t agree on, or do you mean the article as a whole? I’d like to discuss my point of view with you and maybe get convinced to look at it from a different angle.

  2. Elizabeth Morgan

    Seeing Ms. Palin in the spot light, makes me cringe. Her politics is quite confused from my perspective. I have a difficult time believing folks could actually support her politically. Death panels? Creationism? Really now. How can one get behind lunacy?

  3. Elizabeth Morgan

    One of my favorite bloggers wrote about Palin’s book. It was a good laugh for me!!


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