Kill and you become a man!

What do we know about Denmark? It’s a Kingdom, the Faeroe islands and Greenland belong to it and together they have around 6 million citizens. I was also recently informed  that Danish students receive approximately 700 Euro each month to finance their studying and life and are not obliged to pay this back.

Danish people seem very happy and the reason I was provided with is, that they know, they can rely on their government. To quote somebody: ‘Marriages can break, but we can always trust in our government.’ I doubt that any German or other nation would say something similar this easily.

So how come I pet peeve again?

I received an e-mail two days ago, showing pictures of a massacre.

Since the 17th century, thousands of whales and dolphins get killed on one of Denmark’s Faeroe islands. Back in the days, this hunt was necessary to make a living and provide families with food. Today it’s a ridiculous tradition which shall prove that young men became adults.

Till I did some research I had the hope that these people where so ‘kind’ to kill the Calderon Dolphins and other whales in a quick way, but since whales are so big, you can’t just shoot them but have to slash them. These peaceful animals get chased in one of the island’s bays and chopped with mattocks. There is no pardon for calving ones.

Since they’re so big, these wounds won’t kill them and they’re going to die a slow excruciating dead.

Today there is no economical reason behind this loathsome slaughter. Women and children are even warned to eat whales’ meat, because of heavy metals which can lead to brain damage and other side effects.

Since this vile butchering of such beautiful creatures becomes more popular, people demand an explanation why this is still legal. The European Union hasn’t answered such a question yet and Green Peace doesn’t have the funding to do anything against these clampdowns.

It’s unbelievable that this is considered an act of manhood. It’s disgusting and doesn’t just jeopardize pregnant women, but also destroys the biological equilibrium. But not just the Danes like to butcher these wonderful giants, Japan, Norway and Iceland still do this out of commercial purposes.  Between 1986 and 2005 these three nations alone killed 27.000 of them. No wonder every 4th whale species faces extinction.

It’s so sad and I sense more people should know about such a dreadful Danish tradition. I believe Danes should question their mentality, traditions and government a little bit more.  So even if the government pays for student loans etc, it closes its eyes towards animal abuse. Shame on everybody who supports, does such a thing or looks away.


4 responses to “Kill and you become a man!

  1. Yes, I can never understand why people would do such things. This is just one example of whales and dolphins, but is not the only tradition.

    Every year the Canadian government allows the people to slaughter a total quotum of 300.000 babyseals. It needs to be babyseals for the soft fur they still have then. It’s not even that they will have a clean death, but they get slaughtered with a club with spikes at the end.

    Inhumane I call it! and it definitely has to stop!

    • I coudln’t agree less. But in your case there is still a ‘reason’ behind this agony. Even though I condemn the killing of animals due to their fur, I can see a ‘ground’ for it. With the dolphines in front of Denmark’s cost, I can’t. The meat is contagious for over 50% of the population and tradition is no reason for such a crime. We don’t accept forced marriage out of tradition, so why do we consider animals so much less worth and take every right of life from them?

  2. I totally agree with you. This is a babaric tradition, that should be put a stop to immediately! Now I am a Dane, and your article makes me very angry. Dont hold it against the Danes as a people. I know that the Faeroe Islands are apart of the Danish Kingdom, but I am 100 % sure, if my fellow citizents knew about this, they would share our disgust. That is the problem though, nobody have ever heard about this. So I thank you for putting it out there.

  3. Absolutely disgusting!
    I ask myself how people can execute such a tradition, don’t they have a heart? Also the people accepting this cruelty.
    Now I don’t think Danes are a brutal folk – so I can only explain it to myself by thinking that they either don’t know about it, as Janni wrote or that they are simply bluntened. Very sad!

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