A Drive through Hell

Yesterday night, Berlin called to one of its spontaneous group events. Thousand of young people came together on one of Berlin’s many metro station to party together. The mission: Ride the metro around Berlin, party and have a good time.

At 10 pm the station was packed, and everybody was anxious not to miss the start and get in the train. But what followed wasn’t fun at all.  The organizer missed out to calculate the alcohol factor: Too many young people, drank to much and when the  starting signal stayed out, many went crazy, stopped the trains, painted them, jumped and walked on them or just destroyed the windows. It was outrageous. The good atmosphere and vibe that circulated, was replaced by violence and uncontrollable vandalism.          The whole event ended with 20 police officers, trying to  stop the young crowed and help the metro drivers. It aggravated me to see all these broken bottles, destroyed ticket machines and trains as well as 15 year olds stumbling around, oblivious to their destructiveness.

Apparently this is everyday life for most public transport drivers. When I took the bus this week in one of Berlin’s safest areas, there were security guards, who scanned the passengers. Alone this year the BVG (Berlin Public Transport) hired 60 guards to protect their drivers. 120 would be necessary to guarantee a decent security, but the 4 million Euros extra required are not affordable. Till August  87 drivers were severely attacked and 149 slightly. Almost all buses are equipped with cameras and special walls around the driver cabinet.

How can it be that bus drivers have to face such danger when they go to work? It’s atrocious that taxes have to flow into such measurements, just because people don’t know how to occupy themselves other than by being destructive. It’s maddening that such an event like yesterday was overshadowed by ferocity.

4 responses to “A Drive through Hell

  1. Couldn’t agree more. It was supposed to be sooo good and the everybody was so positive in the beginning that you thought to yourself, wow, people can really still have fun without being violent. of course not….such a good start and a plain bad end. it actually ended before it started. And then the poor taxpayers have to pay for this….people people

  2. Spreechless with terror! Not only that I fear big masses of people(is a slight phobia, I guess), the imagination they could get violent without any reason makes me realy nervous. I mean, I probably would’t go to such a party, but I could have been traveled by train where the “party” took place. Ouch!
    But, as you already have mentioned, the most disgraceful fact in this example is the absurdity which costs us all a nice bit of taxpayer’s money.

  3. friederikemoeller

    hey, wow, I was shocked when I read your post! And I can only agree…it can’t be that bus driver’s have to get protection just because people aren’t able to control themselves. I unfortunately experienced a similar situation some time ago. I was at a party where people had a good time, dancing and talking, when two guys, drunk of course, decided to clarify an argument they had with violance. They really hurt each other badly and the whole good atmosphere was gone. What’s the sense in this? They should know their limits and not destroy the evening of others just because of a silly small fight…
    great blog by the way 🙂

  4. Hmm quite happy that I didn´t go there finally.
    I was really surprised by reading your topic to see that here in Germany where people are usually much more respectfull than in Paris, bus drivers get attacked…
    Don´t know how many of those attacks happened in Paris last year, but violence against common transport is huge there and only 60 guards to protect them would be such a joke…
    By the way I can´t remember such vandalism during last semester ring parties, was it the first time something like that happened?

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