“I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.” Geert Wilders

My Pet Peeve is about a European politician, who claims ‘to hate the Islam’ and calls the Koran a ‘fascist book’, which should be outlawed in the Netherlands, like Adolf Hitler’s  Mein Kampf.

According to him “The book incites hatred and killing and therefore has no place in our legal order.” He calls the prophet Mohammed ‘devil’ who would have been hunted down as a terrorist these days. Also he would like to introduce a €1000 a year ($1500) excise tax on headscarf wearing.

Geert Wilders is founder of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), looks like Mozart with his platinum blond mane and was voted politician of year 2007 by the Dutch political press. I agree that his ’well-timed one- liners’ is a great justification for such a title.

Geert Wilders considers himself as a libertarian. He opposes the Dutch political system, because among other things they tolerate the ‘intolerants’ ( Muslims), the first article in the Dutch constitution, because it guarantees equality, which according to him should exclude Muslims, but stand out Christians, Jews and human traditions.

He also opposes the EU, because of its strong governmental influence, his expansion projects (Turkey) and he wants to abolish the European Parliament. This states me kind of funny, wasn’t his party the winner of the European Parliament Election and he has used his victory to claim that the Dutch want a new government.

Immigrates from non-western countries should be banned for 5 years or paid to leave the Netherlands. They also shouldn’t have the right to vote.

He wants to reunite Flanders and the Netherlands ( I bet Belgium wouldn’t mind at all).

He wants to apply Israel’s administrative detention in the Netherlands, a practice heavily criticized by human rights groups, which he calls ‘common sense’. ‘We [in the West] are all Israel. Israel is the West’s first line of defense.’

Meanwhile he considers Islam as a backward religion. ‘Islam is the Trojan Horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, Eurabia and Netherabia will just be a matter of time. One century ago, there were approximately 50 Muslims in the Netherlands. Today, there are about 1 million Muslims in this country. Where will it end? We are heading for the end of European and Dutch civilization as we know it.’

No TV Company would broadcast the 17 minute film and after two hours it was banned from the internet. Nevertheless I watched it at least 3 times and was outraged, by his discriminating, one-sided, anti-Islamic point of view, which reflected his hater and intolerance towards Muslims. He matches Islam to terrorism. His intention was “a debate about freedom of speech and the threat of Islamisation of our Western societies’, but his selfish behavior endangered Dutch soldiers and citizens and provoked and insulted Islamic countries.

Of course it’s not his aim to offend, who would feel offended being called retarded?

Jordan has summoned Wilders to court, with the film deemed to “incite hatred”.Al-Qaeda issued a call to murder Wilders after its release. 

He was also controversially banned from entering the United Kingdom between 12 February 2009 and 13 October 2009, with the Home Office viewing his presence as a “threat to one of the fundamental interests of society”. The ban was overturned after Wilders appealed. He visited the UK on October 16, 2009.

He is also indicted in his own country. The cause is that in a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to… draw a clear line” and that “The court also considers appropriate criminal prosecution for insulting Muslim worshippers because of comparisons between Islam and Nazism made by Wilders.”

 I pray they will succeed.

 But what strikes me most and is the final straw, is the fact that the Dutch love him. The more he gets insulted and condemned by the outside, the more they support him and if there would be elections now, he and his ‘Freedom Party’ would come out as the winner.

I have been to the Netherlands many times; I understand most of the language and would assume I am familiar with the Dutch culture and mentality. I consider the Dutch a lovable, funny and colorful folk, but this is just too much to bare.

How can you support somebody with statements, this disrespectful and hate-filled? He opposes an entire religion and for me there is no difference in which religion you condemn, so when he compares Islam with Narzism, I wonder if he doesn’t talk about himself.

Maybe all this hair dying affected Wilder’s brain, which would be a nice excuse for his mental incapacity, but what made the Dutch become so gullible to his speeches and dumb to support him?

I support the freedom of speech, the best example is my blog, but I also think it always depends on the way how you say it. You can despise terrorism without comparing it with one religion. In the 60ties Germany had to fight GERMAN terrorism ( RAF), the US fought against the gray panthers, even though it’s controversial if they should be entitled terrorists. Many other countries faced the same issue (Russia vs. Chechnya) and terrorism is definitely not an Islamic invention.

When he talks about Islamisation, I wonder what the Christ did with all their crusades and Christianization. I haven’t seen an Imam yet, knocking on my door and trying to convince me how wonderful the Islam is, or travel to Africa and force his believe on a nation. I do agree though, that the Islam can be a very strict religion, which doesn’t leave much space for women’s rights for instance, but then it all depends on the interpretation.

There is no religion who declared so many wars in the name of good as the Christian one, and no one that offended so many nations and declared so many wars in the last 40 years as the Jewish one. Just to propose Israeli detention makes me speechless.

No Bush, no Netanyahu, no cowardice Abbas could outrage me this much as Geert Wilders and the Dutch. He stands against everything the EU stands for, freedom, equality, tolerance and peace.

I just hope the Dutch wake up in time, so he won’t get elected!

7 responses to ““I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.” Geert Wilders

  1. Thank you for writing this piece! It is a topic in need for world wide attention. This topic me sooo angry!!!! Not many thing can make me loose my good mood, but this topic just pisses me off.

    I cannot believe how ignorant people can be. Like you pointed out, Islam is one of the most peacefull religions in the world. Islam has as little to do with terrorism, as christianity has to do with nazism. These people are just so afraid of the unknown and the disturbance of their prefect little inbred community.

    I come from Denmark so unfortuneately I am more familiar with this topic than I would like to be. Most Danes are so much worse than the netherlands, because many Danes fully portray their rasist opinions in public. You know.. freedom of speech.. mohammed crisis!! The Danish peoples party (basically the party for the old and rasist) plays a huge part in the danish government. Pretty much no laws can be made without thier acceptance. The leader of the party Pia Kjærsgaard is more famous than the primeminister.

    What frustrates me the most, is that people do not notice this rasist tendency. Many official statements from the Danish Peoples Party have even been compared with the statements of the rising Nazi party – and they match! They pretty much just exchanged jews with muslims. And this disturbs nobody. Now this is scary!

    It is very disturbing to me that such big parts of so-called civilized countries and governments have a so twisted and aggresive view on Islam. I pray that this ignorant part of the western world will see the light one day soon. Otherwise I truely fear for the intelligent evolution of human kind.

    • Wow, there is nothing more to add. Great comment and totally reflects my fear. How can these parties neme them ‘freedom party’. It’s so firghtening that people accept Islamophobia and don’t realize that this is just an exchange from Judism to Islam.
      Let’s hope more Danes, Dutch and the rest of us will come to the same conclusion.

  2. Great column! Great to see that this doesn’t only play in the Dutch mind, but also in yours.

    The thing is. It all started off with a politician named Pim Fortuyn. He wanted to do something about all the criminalism in the Netherlands, which based on statistics mostly come from foreign people. Therefore he wanted to punish this harder and also change the whole integrationlaws.

    He wanted to select people from outer EU who wanted to live in the country, with which reasons, people got totally screened etc.

    He was not a racist, he just saw that a lot of criminal activities came from foreigners who where below the middle class.

    Therefore he got shot like 2 weeks before the elections started. In the aims he would’ve become the biggest party in the government and everyone believed he was going to do good things.

    Now to come to the point of Geert Wilders. He thinks he acts the same as Pim Fortuyn and also tries to be a national hero by acting in this way. The big difference is, he doesn’t look at criminals and integration policies, but the only thing he focus on is banning a religion and therefore a group of people in general, whether they are criminals or good hardworking people who love the Netherlands.

    He picked the right time and place to come with his points, because there’s been a lot going on the last years, criminalism, violence, and also the economic crisis. He has a lot of people who are normally not interested in politics (and probably don”t even vote) behind him and his points. Therefor it could be a big danger when the elections will start. It could work out that he would win the elections.

    The only part that comforts me is that he will never be the prime minister, because he needs 76 seats in the Second Chamber to rule a majority government. No other party will work together with him in a government.

    • Thank you so much for the insight. I read about Pim Fortuyn’s dead, but it’s very useful to be provided with such good background informations. Also the connection between these two politicians and Geert Wilders’ motivation makes a lot more sens now. I also got so much critique from Dutch people, who opposed my opinion on him, that I’m really content to see, that there are some that agree on my column.

      • I really don’t know what those Dutch people are like or what friends they have, but I think you need to have some muslim friends, which gives a whole different point of view. I”t’s just not right to blame a religion for terrorism and violence etc. And if the Koran is really that insulting, then maybe Wilders should read the bible as well. There’s a lot of parts and phrases that are insulting or denigrating for women, and also a lot of violence. So should we ban Christianity and the bible then as well?

        I think everyone should be able to believe what they believe. Even Wilders can believe what he believes, but I think the freedom of speech should have some restrictions, because what he does is basically brings lifes like yours and mine in danger.

      • Don’t get me started on Christanity and the crusades and wars in the name of the bible. It’s grotesque that the religion that caused so much suffering and dead shows off now and blames the Islam on every crime and wrong-doing. In German we have a saying ” Jeder nach seiner Facon” which means ” everybody how he prefers” and as long as you don’t harm anybody, you should definitely have the right to live your way.

  3. Wow, ignorant much… the ‘libertarian’ needs to use a dictionary and redefine himself.

    As for Muslims (and applying this to the high school microcosm), there are those who are amazing and benevolent as well as others who are bitchy. The same goes for Christians and followers AND non-followers of other religions. My best, best friend is a Muslim and quite frankly, I’ve never viewed her as a ‘Muslim’, but a gentle confidant with an ethical and moral sense. Very unlike Wilder from what I’ve garnered.

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