Do you want to be global?

Earlier this year I flew to Paris. A German, sitting in a French airplane, probably manufactured by entrepreneurs all over the world, while eating American Oreo cookies.

I have to admit; I went to Starbucks for coffee and ate lunch at an Indian restaurant and at the same time I was surrounded by the beauty of French architecture … Thanks to globalization I had the chance to enjoy all these things at the same time.Globalization

Globalization is understood as a system, which increases ‘the connectivity and interdependence of the world’s markets and businesses’.  Investorwords 

Through the fall of the Iron curtain, countries like Brazil and China opened up and progressed faster, because the semi- credible market ( UDSSR) fell away.

Thanks to this development, Europeans in the EU can travel without a visa and work in member countries. Easily students can go abroad and experience different cultures and make friends.  Business women/ men have the opportunity to negotiate with foreigners and install or expand their business almost all over the world. A main tool, which supports and helps to enlarge globalization, is the English language which is almost everywhere spoken and facilitates the daily routine when it comes to international exchange or business.

All these aspects mentioned just speak for globalization and it seems there is nothing to complain about. But access to foreign markets isn’t reserved for legal use. Iran's, Afghanistan's and Zimbabwe's leadersTerrorists or dictators utilize it as well. Excluded by westerners they allied and their mischief gets even worse. Weapons are easily transported and smuggled over the borders. Militias in Pakistan or Talibans in Afghanistan don’t need to worry about an ammunition short-cut. Their hater against the West unites them and enables support. Columbian powder is available all over the world and poisons not just the Rhine in Germany.  Even religious fanatics aren’t border restricted and conflicts can easily swamp over and affect the entire world, i.e. Jerusalem since the installation of Israel, Iraq or Korea.

I don’t mind to get pineapples or tomatoes throughout the year or buy at H&M. However these things destroy the environment and exploit Chinese labors for instance. It undermines local cultures and the gap between wealth and poverty augments.

What kind of use has a bio fuel plantation in Africa for a local while he and his family starve to death? Globalization is an opportunity for all of us. It enables cheaper prices, opens markets and borders and increases life standards. Even though there are two sides of the coin, globalization is a great thing if we wouldn’t take it for granted and automatically take advantage of other’s misery!

So to answer my earlier question: Yes, I want to be global, I want to benefit from all these options available, but I’ve also to admit, that I should be more aware off the side effects of my actions, i.e. I shouldn’t buy tomatoes in winter and support greenhouse cultivation etc.

We all can do our share, so I ask you to be more sensitive.

3 responses to “Do you want to be global?

  1. I agree with you, globalization is an opportunity for everyone involved. However, the benefits of international trade are not being shared equally as of right now, and it is a sad truth that workers are being exploited and paid extremely low wages while the goods they produce are sold in a richer country with a big profit margin. A bit of business ethics and compassion would go a long way in making globalization a gain for all.

  2. Now there was an insightful perspective…got me thinking…

  3. Yes, that was a great exposition of the world we are entering as young professionals… And I think it just goes to show that “with great power comes great responsibility,” in the words of Peter Parker’s great Uncle Ben. Shoot, it’s not fair that we have so much power that we didn’t even ask for, or even realize!

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