“It’s a Holocaust on Children!”

Hyperactive?Saturday the Scientology church had its open-day. Curious, how I am, I went inside and got introduced to the history, main principle ( Dianetics) and they explained me, what Scientology stands for, supports and opposes.  All in all, it made a lot of sense what my tour guide said and he had this very convincing attitude most devotees probably have.

Suddenly he talked about hyperactive children, how the church fights ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder) medication and said: ‘It’s a Holocaust on children, to give them these drugs and calm them down.’

Now I agree that children are very active and I don’t support ADHD medicine, like Ritalin or Adderall XR, but naming this measurement a holocaust, was just a little bit over the top.

The word Holocaust comes from the Greek and means holos, “whole” and kaustos, “burnt” sacrificial offering to a god. While the Hebrew version The Shoah refers to the genocide  of 6 million Jews, does the Holocaust  includes every kind of genocide. Since t 1960s this term is commonly used to describe Nazi crime and the slaughter of millions of Jews.

Basic Information

ADHD was first described by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman in 1845 and later on proven through research and studies. Around 3-5 % show ADHD characteristics, ergo 2 million children in the US or at least one child in  every classroom  is likely to suffer under it. Hyperactivity, aggressions, emotional instability or impulsive behavior are common signs. Many internet pages provide you with test where you can check if your child is likely to have ADHD. link


Studies confirmed that diagnosed people, have a neurological brain dysfunction. It is also proven that this condition runs in families. Also an unhealthy lifestyle during a pregnancy can cause Attention Dysfunction Hyperactive Disorder.



Often strong medication like Ritalin, Strattera and co. are used to suppress these odd emotional outbursts. Often psychological treatments are recommended as well.

Side Effects

Many children suffer under side effects, like appetite suppression, insomnia, aggression or excessive sleepiness. Many doctors recommend to test different kinds of ADHD medication and change the doses to figure out which one the child tolerates the best. 

The FDA’sDrug Safety & Risk Management Advisory Committee already recommended to  put Black Box Drug Warnings on so-called treatments, because they can  cause high blood pressure, stroke, and sudden death.


Every individual reacts differently on these medications and children are often to fast diagnosed which ADHD, just because parents don’t fell capable of dealing with them. I was shocked when I read that children are treated like human guinea pigs and Ritalin can be easily switched out against Adderall for instance. Nevertheless these medications, if properly used can help the individual to live a normal life and participate in school activities and not be  excluded because of some disorder. There are scientists who believe that malnutrition, refined sugar, natural light deficiency or poor teaching methods can cause ADHD and that Homeopathy is a method to cure this disorder or just a change of lifestyle.

As for me, I believe that you should always try to find a solution without heavy drugs and that there is nothing worse than suppressing emotions. But if ADHD is caused by some brain dysfunction or inherited, I doubt that homeopathy is going to be a successful alternative. Nevertheless it’s not a Holocaust on children. They aren’t used as slaves, they don’t loose their rights and get mutilated, but it’s true feelings and emotions will get suppressed. Now Scientlogists might argue, that not being able to live your emotions is comparable to loosing your rights. But in general these medications aren’t easily prescribed and used to ameliorate children’s life. Hearing this word in this context aggravates me.

4 responses to ““It’s a Holocaust on Children!”

  1. Very interesting topic.

  2. I partly agree with your angle of attack. At any rate, very acuate article.

  3. I like your view on this. I agree that Holocaust is a bit extreme word to use, but mindless drugging of ADHD or hyperactive children is wrong.
    I think you should try all other options before you turn to severe drugs.
    Nice conclusion, I look forward to reading what you have to say next week!

  4. A great topic!
    Things are better and worse than presented. Better in that severe cases can be diagnosed with reasonable accuracy and these severe cases can offten be effectively controlled — as they should be!
    Worse in that the marginal cases, and these are the majority, are difficult to seperate from environmental and other cause, and result in false positives and false negatives. Accurate diagnosis should include an assessment of the child’s surrounding and environment. This is rarely done and when done, it is seldom thorough.
    Furthermore, medication is an easy way to deal with many issues by the administrators (parents, teachers, social workers, and doctors — many of whom will prescribe anything just for the asking). Obviously, the combination of misdiagnosis and the free flow of drugs can indeed be very lethal to the developing body, mind, soul, spirit (not the religious type) and social skills. Is it a holocaust? No, not in any sense of the word. Moreover, that is not the important question. The important question is — how will this be fixed? Any ideas?

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