Is education worth it?

The average spending on education amounts 4.9% in the OECD countries. Germany spends 85 billion Euro for education, ergo 4.3% of its GDP. Quite the reverse is the amount which the Scandinavian countries or the US  invest. They lead with over 7% of their GDP, but even Austria or Mexico invest more money in their educational system than Germany.

OECD Spending

Only six German universities are among the top 100 in the Shanghai rankings (Munich is highest, at 55th). Just 21% of each age cohort gets a degree; the OECD average is 37%.

According to the DGB ( German Confederation of Trade Unions) Germany invests 30 billion Euro less  to guarantee a fundamental knowledge and education. Like the short clip of the DGB explains, it’s fundamental to support our education system to keep Germany a stable and leading economy.

So instead of investing 90 billion Euro in the Hypo Real Estate or supporting the scrappage bonus, German politician should focus on the long-run: to prevent further recessions, support the older generations and guarantee its place in the international market.                                                                                                                                                                                          To secure latter ones, it’s obligatory that education is available for everyone, but also profound enough, so that Germans can compete globally.

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