Aryan times are over!

Not thinking about anything in particular, I was going to scan the daily news when I discovered an article about one of my dearest friends: Geert Wilders. Thinking that this guy couldn’t shock me anymore, I had to discover today, yes HE can! Continue reading


Fly high, without limits!

Right now I’m studying for my exams. The countdown has started and there are just three more weeks to go. I’m almost done with my presentations, have two more papers to write and ‘just’ four exams. Through work and other obligations I have to prepare myself for these tests: sleep is secondary, I can’t afford it.

Luckily there are energy drinks. Coffee doesn’t do its job anymore and coke has no impact on my performance at all. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Angel, Schwarze Dose ( a German product which was just launched) conquered the market in the last years and give me and many other consumers the impression to increase their efficiency.  Continue reading

Drop-dead Gorgeous

Berlin’s fashion week is calling. Many designers present their collection ones a year on Berlin’s catwalks. Across the Humboldt University, in the middle of the Opera Palais you will find the big tent, where stars and VIPs like to examine the newest trend.

 Through a friend I was able to go to one of these shows. Even though the atmosphere is incredible and I was excited to see the show, I left in disgust: How can anybody enjoy a fashion show when skeletons present clothes?

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Have a Drink on me!

‘Do you want a glass of water?’ Usually we offer our guests something to drink, when they come. Might it be water, tea, coffee or even lemonade, it’s all based on one source: water. I realized that I hardly ever waste a thought on water, as long as it comes clear out of the pipes, there is nothing to worry about. Also Germany has one of the best water-clearing systems; even our toilet water is drinkable. I assume it’s not only me, who often forgets that water is, as a matter of fact, a scarce resource and will replace the importance of oil in the near future. Continue reading

Everybody needs to pay its liabilities, even the US.

Everybody collects something: be it stamps, rare coins, partners or autographs. Humans need something they can value, identify themselves with and own in extend. It’s common and not spectacular at all. But if one nation collects others’ debt and almost owns the greatest nation of our time, it is worrisome. Continue reading

‘I can see Russia from my window.’

It’s such a hate-love. This politician had aroused many emotions in me; finally I was thankful for her inability. I consider her one of Barack Obama’s greatest supporters: Sarah Palin!

Even though Mc Cain wasn’t my favorite, I find him rather appealing than George W. Bush and his political consensus ok. I don’t know what he was thinking when he nominated Palin as his vice president candidate but it couldn’t be much.

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Kill and you become a man!

What do we know about Denmark? It’s a Kingdom, the Faeroe islands and Greenland belong to it and together they have around 6 million citizens. I was also recently informed  that Danish students receive approximately 700 Euro each month to finance their studying and life and are not obliged to pay this back.

Danish people seem very happy and the reason I was provided with is, that they know, they can rely on their government. To quote somebody: ‘Marriages can break, but we can always trust in our government.’ I doubt that any German or other nation would say something similar this easily.

So how come I pet peeve again? Continue reading